specialist bespoke geometric, elliptical and circular handrails - traditional hand carved handrails - full cnc automated handrail service available
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About Us

'The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company' has within its ranks two of the most experienced men in the field of geometric handrails, single or double wreathed string staircases. SHSChandrails is capable of manufacturing simple to complicated staircases whether they are elliptical, circular or even variable radius. We have over forty-nine years experience in this specialist field of Joinery. We look forward to offering you our experience and services.

A Reliable Team

Our team is made up of in-house carvers and fitters as well as a pool of freelance specialists available as we need them. This suits our production needs and allows us to meet increased workloads at various times, throughout the year, without deadline pressures. Over many years within this field, this pool of experienced freelancers is made up of close friends and colleagues, within a close-knit community of specialists.