specialist bespoke geometric, elliptical and circular handrails - traditional hand carved handrails - full cnc automated handrail service available
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'The Specialist Handrail and Staircase Company Limited'  manufactures everything simple straight flights to complicated geometric/curved staircases and supply timber, metal and glass balustrade. We design and hand carve stunning staircases. At SHSC our focus is for all types of clients, ranging from local residents to the more high-end clientele including private individuals, architects, designers, construction companies, and project managers. We have the best-experienced hand carvers allow us to work within Grade 1 and Grade 11 listed building works as well as Heritage sites, such as British and Natural History Museums as well as The Palace of Westminster (House's of parliament).

Dinos Constantinou

Dinos has been a Geometric handrail and staircase specialist for the past 15 years and has completed dozens of stunning projects all over the Country and Europe. His depth of knowledge and talent in the field means that customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

Careers At SHSC Handrails

If any of you are familiar with us or have worked with us in the past, please don't hesitate to inquire about possible vacancies. There will always be freelance positions available, but this requires self-employed status. We are looking for Specialists in the following areas: handrail moulders/carvers, wreathed handrail fitters, french polishers, staircase cladding fitters, parquet flooring fitters.

If interested, please send CV / Details to dinos@shschandrails.co.uk