specialist bespoke geometric, elliptical and circular handrails - traditional hand carved handrails - full cnc automated handrail service available
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Our Finishes

Finishes add the personal touch to your specialist handrail and staircase and they can be as varied as finger prints. An endless variation of stains and pigments to obtain the perfect colour, all the different top finishes, waxed, oiled, French Polished, giving you a, Matt finish, Soft sheen finish, gloss and High gloss finish.

We prefer the traditional method of, Shellac based, French Polishing, but can also use any of the modern methods of Varnishes and two-pak polishes, as requested. Bespoke and specialist paint finishes can also be applied onto hand rails and these are special one offs, created by 'Hannah Eustace, Specialist Finishes'.